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History of MSI

In 1968 Motel Sleepers, Inc. was established to provide housing for railroad crews by the founder, R. E. Catlett, Sr. The innovation that MSI introduced was constructing dormitories and placing them on railroad property close to the tracks or local yards. The original dormitories were built for the Rock Island Railroad. When this venture was announced, American Railroads followed suit. Since that time, dormitories were built for Chicago Northwestern, Burlington Northern, Illinois Central, Seaboard Coastline, Missouri Pacific, Kansas City Southern, and the Southern Railway.


As these railroads began to merge, Motel Sleepers, Inc. continued providing lodging for the industry. Facilities were built for Union Pacific, CSX Corporation and the Norfolk Southern Railroad Company.


In 1990, Leon B. Catlett, President, established MSI Lodging Systems, LLC to provide customers with a package of lodging management information services, including providing room rate negotiations and establishing lodging contracts with hotel proprietors throughout the United States.


The Chicago Northwestern Railroad was MSI Lodging System's first venture to contract for lodging services. Since then, MSI has negotiated rate agreements with over 6,000 hotels nationwide, and is one of the largest purchasers of lodging accommodations in the United States.


In 1998, Cori Catlett, Executive Vice President, joined the family business and began working on concepts for a new facility that would replace the old dormitories. Dedicated Lodging facilities are a great option for any company; built much like a standard hotel, they provide clients the opportunity to address any special needs and lock in long term rates.


Whether it is a dedicated property or lodging contracts, MSI brings a wealth of experience and a focus on customer service to our client base.


MSI Lodging Systems, LLC is a privately-owned company by Leon B. Catlett, Roxanne Catlett and Cori Catlett.




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