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Disaster Recovery Services

MSI Lodging’s disaster relief team can assist your company in the event of any natural or man-made disaster, including, but not limited to: tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. MSI’s staff has been at the heart of natural disasters involving Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, and Gustav. MSI will provide management personnel along with sufficient MSI employees and/or representatives at the site to assist with any and all needs requested. MSI establishes and maintains responsibility for every aspect of a camp site while your company prepares or responds to the disaster at hand and performs the necessary tasks required by your employees in the event of such a disaster.


Fortunately, most companies or corporations have been spared from the wrath of Mother Nature and have never had to respond to catastrophic events. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge and know-how leaves most management personnel literally in the dark when catastrophes occur. A contract with MSI Lodging will ensure that you and your employees are supplied with necessary commodities such as:


  • 24/7 generators with mechanics to maintain upkeep
  • 24/7 facilities repair
  • Portable bathrooms and hand washing stations
  • Dumpsters for garbage
  • Portable light generators
  • Weekly food, beverage, and supply delivery
  • On site cooks for 24 hour food service
  • Mobile sleeper cabins
  • 24 hour housekeeping service for the mobile sleeper cabins
  • 24/7 laundry service
  • Water supply and disposal/cleaning of gray water tanks
  • Propane service for functionality of kitchens or heat source
  • Fuel delivery and storage (6500 gallon tankers)
  • Mobile shower stations
  • Portable Kitchens & Dining Halls


You name it, MSI Lodging can provide it! If your company is interested in learning more about our services or acquiring a contract, please contact MSI Lodging, LLC. It is important to have your company’s disaster relief team in place before a DISASTER occurs!



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