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Dedicated Lodging Facilities

Considering a Dedicated Lodging Facility for your employee's?

MSI Lodging, LLC works with companies that require large volumes of "away from home" stays. MSI analyzes your company's needs by researching relevant available data, provided by your company, to determine if a dedicated lodging facility would be a beneficial cost savings alternative for your company. If an employer is utilizing a large volume of hotel stays in a particular region, MSI will evaluate the area and determine the best location for construction of a dedicated lodging facility.


A dedicated lodging facility has multiple benefits for companies wishing to pursue that route; most notably the considerable cost savings advantage. Another key factor is the consolidation of your valuable employees, from a variety of hotels with a wide range of costs per stay, to one central location designated specifically for your company. This allows for a safe and secure environment for your company's employees to obtain the rest they require to perform their jobs most effectively.


Additional monetary benefits that are not typically considered include nullifying hotel room guarantees which generally result in unused room fees. Black-out dates are another irritation that is no longer experienced with hotels throughout the United States that host large social events throughout the year. Furthermore, by utilizing MSI to build and manage your dedicated lodging facility, you will effectively remove the burden of liability from your company and place the exposure on MSI.


Determining Site Locations


Determining the right location for your company is critical for a successful lodging facility. MSI takes into consideration a multitude of variables in every geographical location, including the following:


  • Work location
  • Crime Rate / Saftey of an area
  • Traffic scenarios (i.e. how many available routes to the work location)
  • Noise levels
  • Weather
  • Travel time to work location
  • Walking distance to and from Restaurants and Shopping
  • Access to nearby parks and recreation areas


All of these variables are important for the comfort, convenience and safety of your company's employees.





MSI Lodging, LLC provides turnkey construction for companies that prefer dedicated lodging facilities over costly hotel stays.


MSI has continually worked for years on developing and improving a state of the art Dedicated Lodging Facility concept. We are pleased to say that this concept has been very successful in locations throughout the country.


MSI prides itself on timely construction, as well! MSI has a track record of building lodging facilities containing up to 100 private rooms in 6 months or less. Within this time period, MSI constructs the facility, sets up all furniture, fixtures and equipment and staffs the facility for immediate accommodation.






MSI Lodging offers full management of any type of lodging facility, from our Dedicated Lodging Facilities to any full service, public accessible hotel properties. MSI also manages small trucking company dormitories and delicatessens and restaurants throughout the United States.


MSI has been providing management of these type facilities and properties since 1968.


No facility or property is too small or too large for MSI's experienced management team. We look forward to working with you and your staff in the near future to determine how MSI can be an asset to your company as well!


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